Cuffs, Bracelets and Bangles Sizing

It is important that you know your correct size when shopping for a bracelet or bangle! Learn the different ways to measure your wrist and fist when finding your perfect bangle and cuff size jewelry!

1. To get your perfect bangle size, start by stretching your thumb to the opposite side of your hand so that it crosses over your palm.

2. To measure the circumference of your hand, wrap tailor’s tape around your knuckles and across your thumb.

3. Record the size and compare that measurement to the hand sizing chart below.



2 ⅜" 
    7 ½"   
2 ⅝"   
    8 ¼"     
2 ¾" 
    8 ⅗" 

Purchase a bangle with a diameter that is the next size up from the actual hand measurement. 


Bracelet and Cuff 

1. For cuffs or bracelets measure the circumference of your wrist wrap tailor’s tape around the smallest part of your wrist, right above your wrist bone.

2. Record the measurement and compare it to the wrist sizing chart below. 

3. You can also measure by using a string around your wrist and marking the string with a marker or pen.

4. Lay the length of the string flat next to a ruler to get the size.

5. Compare the length recorded to the appropriate sizing chart which will be found underneath the directions for each jewelry sizing.

Wrist Size  Womens   Mens
5-5.5"  XSmall
5.5-6"  Small
6-6.5"  Medium
6.5-7" Large  Small
7"-7.5" X Large  Medium
7.5-8" 2X Large   Large
8-8.5" 3 X Large   X Large