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Are you looking for unique and stunning silver jewelry?

All pieces are handcrafted in the Blue Dragonfly Dreaming Studio.

Find the piece that tells your story!

  • My Jewelry Journey

    I began exploring silver metal clay and making handcrafted
    silver jewelry in 2010 . When I discovered silver metal clay I was fascinated with the ability to design, construct and fire the malleable clay into solid silver pieces. Later, I began to learn to work with sheet silver using silver metalsmithing techniques.

    I now have a full fledged jewelry studio built and it is filled to the brim with tools and equipment! I love the creative process in carefully designing and handcrafting each piece of jewelry. Blue Dragonfly
    Dreaming is the name of my studio which is located in Olympia, WA.

    I am now embarking on finding new homes for my unique
    jewelry pieces.

  • What is Silver Metal Clay?

    Metal clay is a jewelry making material that can be used to create jewelry and small decorative objects. the clay comes in silver, copper, and bronze metals. Metal clay is made from powdered metal mixed with water and a substance called "methyl cellulose".
    Methyl cellulose is actually made from the cell walls of green plants. It's an organic ingredient used in food additives and is non-allergic, non-toxic and perfectly safe to work with. Metal clay handles similar to traditional modeling clays, and, when dried, it is transformed into a solid object through a firing process. During firing, the methyl cellulose, typically called "binder", is burned away and the metal particles "sinter" into a solid form. Sintering is the process of making a powdered material (in this case, metal clay) coalesce into a solid mass by heating it to a very high temperature, just below the point of liquefaction.

  • What is Silversmithing?

    Silversmiths saw or cut specific shapes from sterling and fine silver sheet metal and bar stock, and then use hammers to form the metal over anvils and stakes. Silver is hammered cold (at room temperature). As the metal is hammered, bent, and worked, it 'work-hardens'. Annealing is the heat-treatment used to make the metal soft again. If metal is work-hardened, and not annealed occasionally, the metal will crack and weaken the work.

    Silversmiths can use casting techniques to create all type of jewelry they are making.

    After forming and casting, the various pieces may be assembled by soldering and riviting.

    Modern silversmiths commonly use gas burning torches as heat sources.